Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Goal


So here's the thing! The ultimately dream is to create a Christian Art Magazine one day. I want to promote Christian artists, whether that be music, photography, drawing, writing, etc. because I'm tired of how Christians artists are looked down upon by other Christians. I want to promote how girls can be fashionable, beautiful and still be modest through modeling. There are many goals I wish to accomplish; these are just a few. But this blog is a means of reaching that goal.

I want to use this blog to publish my own writings/artwork. Though, I hope in return you will email me your work, so that I can publish it, too. I wish to make this encouraging and inspirational to all and I would appreciate it if ya'll would help.



email at


Jess said...


if you want anything of mine, take it.

Wes said...

So, looking forward to this!

Have you read the stuff I've sent you yet?

Patrick said...

This is awesome Velvet. Im so glad your finally making it happen, your dream. Amazing idea. If you ever need anything Im always here