Sunday, November 8, 2009

Who Are We?

Written by: Velvet

As she smoothly strides down the long hallway filled of jewels, gold, and silver, she happens to look to the left to find a marvelous creature looking back. She stops suddenly to capture the beauty starring at her. This creature is wearing a breath-taking golden crown lined of rubies and pearls. The wind catches the clothing just perfectly, causing a haunting but beautiful flow to the dress to occur. Long, curly locks are set perfectly beneath the captivating crown of this mystique creature. She continues to study this nearly mythical creature for what seemed like an eternity only to find that this was her very own reflection. Confused, she looks around to only have her eyes set back on the unimaginable reflection.

She blinks once and then twice, to find herself starring at a very different human being. This creature looks almost like a servant in comparison to what she was just looking at. This creature is wearing no crown of rubies or pearls, nor a flowing dress but rather a simple tee shirt and a pair of blue jeans. After another examination, she finds that this is her reflection as well. Her eyes wander around in search for an explanation as to why there are two opposite creatures. Having nowhere else to look, she stares back at her reflection and narrows in on an unusual piece of parchment attached to the mirror. The parchment looked tattered and completely out of place. On it reads, "The knowledge of the secrets of the Kingdom of Heaven has been given to you," (Matthew 13:11) Completely taken back, she smiles in understandment.

The Kingdom of Heaven is NOT signified by a building but rather by us, the human beings. Each of us contain the Kingdom of Heaven right within. We ARE the princes and princesses of the Kingdom. Now, it is up to us to LIVE it.

- ♥

Though I didn't exactly visualize these two pictures when writing this, I did find these pictures to be somewhat relative.

Photography by: Rachel Krall
Model: Jess Myers
Dress Designer: Jess Myers


Jess said...

i love it!
not just the pics, haha
i love the story :) you're a very descriptive writer for someone who could barely pass english in a PA high school lol

Velvet Janelle said...

Hahahaha! Thank you.. and that's so true =]